Capodimonte porcelain is the finest and most perfect grade of Italian artistic pottery and one of the most appreciated handicrafts for its craftsmanship and detailed qualities. The name Capodimonte (Top of the hill) is mainly binded to the city of Naples and, particularly, to the kingdom of Charles III of Bourbon who, in 1743, built on the hill near to the royal palace, just called Capodimonte, a factory to produce porcelain that can reach the glory of the best European factories, first of all the Meissen factory.

The production, firstly identified with the Bourbon lily then, under Ferdinand IV with the famous crowned N, ends near 1820. Part of the models and of the moulds is achieved by Doccia (now Richard-Ginori) while the remains is lost.

In the period between the two World Wars, while the area surrounding Naples maintains mainly the flower production, itÕs around Milan that the tradition bounds forward. In the fifties, the inspiration of famous sculptors like Borsato, Cappe, Fabris, Maggione, Cazzola, Pezzato, Scapinello, De Martino, and Merli sustains mainly the figurine tradition. A trend develops also in Veneto, between the cities of Vicenza and Bassano, cradle of Palladio and fertile ground of artists and artisans. As heiress of a school that from over 200 years is bringing to the world the taste and inventiveness of Italian porcelain.

Capodimonte Arte’ is representing today an example of continuity, search and innovation in the tradition, having melted the creative Neapolitain fantasy together with the formal and chromatic originality of Veneto.

The inspiration of the creation of these world famous figurines has drawn from everyday life and great subjects dealt with by artists of the past. Each and every art piece is individually hand crafted and is the result of many hours of the artist craftmanship. Few artists have achieved international recognition for quality, design originality, attention to details, and high craftmanship. Make, signatures and design makes an original pieces “valuable”.

Limited Edition Groups and Museum quality editions are the best of what can be found on the market; Capodimonte Arte’ is considered a pioneering firm in this field, as it offers a wide range of limited models and creates new designs every year. This is a hard and demanding job where only the best succeed.Time and fashion go by but a Capodimonte sculpture will always be a safe investement, a prestigious product which will always make a fine showing and an object admired for his beauty, history and long tradition.

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